We Were Promised Jetpacks – Unravelling | Album Review

When: 06.10.2014
Where: FatCat Records
Like.Love: LIKE
We Were Promised Jetpacks are a band from Scotland and this is their new album Unravelling. Not too long ago we checked out the lead single from the album I Keep It Composed and we liked it quite a bit, especially how the band seem to be shifting towards a more melodic focus while maintaining their big booming presence. So we are expecting more of the same from this album.
Unravelling opens up with Safety In Numbers which eases things into place. Melodies quietly play in the background while the vocals take charge early on, and WWPJ eventually begin to add building blocks in the form of extra guitars, basslines and possibly a touch of piano to not only make things louder but also allow the track to bloom naturally. Crashing drums bring forth influences of post-rock which in turn converts the guitars into pummeling the airwaves with big, anthem creating riffs to really make sure the listener sees why the band chose this song as the opening number. It’s a progressive track but does make for a good start to this album.
The addition of multi-instrumentalist Stuart McGachan to this album means that for the first time We Were Promised Jetpacks’ sound features keys as well as extra guitar sections meaning that Unraveling is the biggest sounding record I’ve heard from them yet. Throughout this record you will be amazed at how big everything sounds, especially in tracks such as Peace Sign and easily in the dancier sounds of Night Terror, which maintains a fantastic hold on quiet/loud moments. The keys also add an extra level of emotion to the sound of the record which really helps tracks like Disconnecting and Bright Minds convey their message.
Overall Unraveling is a very solid album from We Were Promised Jetpacks. These guys are clearly experienced now in how to create an album that delivers a sound and sticks with it to create all kinds of hooks and melodies to make it flow smoothly. There’s some standout tracks here, but it’s all mostly umbrella’d by the band’s ability to make this one cohesive listen. Good stuff. For more music reviews, free downloads and blehhhh check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

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