Pale Fires – Mammoth | EP Review

When: 29.09.2014
Like.Love: LOVE
Now this is something to get furiously enjoying. Mammoth is the new EP from London’s Pale Fires. This four piece perform a kind of psychedelic music that immediately sits right with you and lets you feel safe in knowing that it’s never going to go away without giving you a kiss goodbye, and Mammoth is like one big perfect french kiss. Tongue and all.
The EP opens up with River which features a riff and drum combo that really adds a touch of nostalgic goodness to the atmosphere. It’s sound is like something from the 90’s that Oasis could have produced on a good day, or The Flaming Lips could have produced on their sunniest day, or Supergrass could have produced if they were a little bit better. This song follows a pretty straight forward route by keeping the tempo at a constant pace but does allow for the guitars to perform a couple different sections and licks that build up this track as a superb opening into something I would like to have relations with.
Peace Of Mind is our personal highlight as it envelops everything that Mammoth offers and condenses it into one song that sounds nothing short of really rather good. It’s heavily distorted intro draws out into a pretty easy-going groove that resonates really well, like the band are effortlessly high fiving me at a rate that makes for optimal bonding time with minimal damage to the palm. Pale Fires do a great job at building their sound with the additions of guitars and effect-heavy chords that sound right out of a J Mascis sleeve, as well as the big explosive climax which features a guitar solo that is stupidly good. This is a track that gives and gives and gives, and even after delivering the goods it mellows out into a sweet spooning session on the ears to make sure that you’re satisfied too. Peace Of Mind is like the perfect lover, just like me.
The EP also likes to let things mellow for a while to provide us with another side of Pale Fires that focuses on melodies rather than uppercutting guitars in our necks. The Boat That Is Rowing Slow is a badass song title is one that maintains a steady tempo featuring all kinds of melody after melody and it makes a nice pavement for Howl, which starts off with more of this slower-paced vibe before erupting into this fast-paced, high energy track with sweet guitar riffs and drums that clinky-dink with the best of them. Closing track Earth Mother once again encapsulates all of the tempos, sounds, directions and whatnot into one final reminder that Pale Fires are well good, plus there’s horns. Horns are superb.
Mammoth is definitely one fantastic EP, and one that easily places at the top of my favourite EPs of this year. Each of the nine tracks showcase something special about Pale Fires, and whether individually or as one cohesive unit it’s just sounds so good. So, so good. I love this EP, and I think you should too. I want to kiss it all over and hope I’m not coming off too strong. For more music reviews, free downloads and YES. Thank god I checked out this EP check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

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