Dirty Dishes – Thank You Come Again | Track Review

When: 29.09.2014
Like.Love: LIKE
This is possibly my favourite story of how a band formed. Dirty Dishes formed in Boston after lady member Jenny Tuite and guy member Alex Molini attended the same rendezvous. After drinking just a little too many lemonades Alex chundered all over Jenny’s shoes, and offered to buy a new pair after grabbing her number via a mutual friend. Putting the vomit aside it was revealed that Jenny needed a synth player and guess who plays the synth? Alex! So they formed as Dirty Dishes and can now afford all the shoes in the world.
Thank You Come Again is the duo’s new single and it is a great listen with punchy guitar riffs and slinky synth sounds as Dirty Dishes put together elements of grunge and rock and “trippy experimental sounds” to create something that immediately garners the buzz of all the bees that make up the East Coast’s vibrant music scene, and everybody else too. It’s a great track, and I certainly will be coming again. Manners get you very far in life these days.
Check out Thank You Come Again below, and for more music reviews, free downloads and thank YOU come again check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

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