Pet Sun – Feels Like I’m Going Away | EP Review

When: 27.09.2014
Where: Sleepless Records
Like/Love: LOVE
It’s been awhile since we’ve experienced some Canadian love but today puts us firmly back in our position as the little spoon is this big canadian spooning love sesh. If you’ve visited Exploding Head Syndrome before you will notice that we fangirl possibly a little too much over all things canadian, ranging from the likes of WTCHS, to all things PERDU and Poncho Records, to having a crush on Jeen, Invasions and Ivory Hours, and we do like Shadow Folk too. We basically just used all of that to throw more links into your face, but fortunately they’re all linked to some pretty good music which is why we love Canada so much. Anyway, today we bring you Feels Like I’m Going Away, the new EP from Hamilton’s Pet Sun. These guys play a sweet combo of psychedelic/punk/garage rock that really sits well with us, and after checking out the video to the title track we were practically fornicating with it.
The title track opens up the EP with a heavily distorted, heavily high tempo guitar riff that could make Ty Segall shed tears of joy and make us normal folk have a mental breakdown of happy proportions. The dreary vocals play against the slightly quieter guitar parts to create this hazy sound that is boosted by a rolling drum beat which helps build up the track to essentially ejaculate with this big explosion of all things guitar riffs, drum beats and even additional licks that gets us truly satisified. It’s an awesome start to the EP.
Feels Like I’m Going Away is splattered with material that contains very enjoyable riffs. The minute and half rushes of adrenaline that make up Gimme Your Soul and Feelin’ Lazy make up three minutes of instrumentals with the purpose of knocking your jaw to the side and your eyes out of your skull. There’s so much energy and passion thrown into these tracks that it’s almost making love with your eardrums by the time you hear the guitar solos, the guitar riffs, the drum beats and everything else. It’s awesome.
Pet Sun take things down a notch with Goodbye Two Headed Monster. The guitars are a little less chaotic and head towards laying down a more jangly rhythm while the drums opt to play a much more simple beat that fits in really well. The true highlight of the track and definitely one of the highlights of the EP is the big finale that kicks in with a superb guitar solo and cymbals aplenty from the drums. Awesome.
The EP ends on a sweet note as Brides sees the appearance of clean guitars and no drums to create the softest moment on the record. Echo-y, casual vocals ring out against the twangy guitars like a Vines song which eventually make way for a finale of distorted guitars all performing their own licks and solos to turn this lowly song into one last ballad-esque type goodbye to round off what has been a pretty fantastic listen.
Pet Sun have added themselves on our list of reasons why we love Canada with the release of this EP. Feels Like I’m Going Away is a great collection of garage rock with a tinge of psychedelic tendencies thrown in to create something that is ballsy, loud, distorted and just simply enjoyable. For more music reviews, free downloads and please accept us Canada check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

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