Film – Eclipse | Album Review

When: 26.09.2014
Where: Inner Ear Records
Like/Love: LOVE
On the tail end of July we checked out the new single from electronic three piece Film titled Ping Pong With Angels. It’s safe to say we very much enjoyed it, as well as showed our quirkier side by pondering what it would be like to play a round of ping pong with angels. Last friday the trio released their new album Eclipse, and that too has us sitting on the edges of our seats, ready to start fangirling.
What we loved about Ping Pong With Angels was its upbeat tempo and ability to take everything out of the box and turn it into a finished product that sits way up there with the best dancefloor anthems out there. It’s shades of house music converts what is a pretty traditional dance tune into something with emotion and the Daft Punk-esque vocals just topped off what became one infectiously catchy listen. Fortunately this formula is used throughout Eclipse, creating one of the strongest and most consistent albums of the year.
Following track Eclipse comes in with a beat that immediately lifts the spirits of everyone. I stubbed my toe earlier and thought that was my day ruined but the intro of this track throws down what appears to be sonic cuddles and made everything good again. Film gives the track some time to grow and build it up nicely to come out with something that is just as well crafted and exciting as Ping Pong With Angels. It’s two songs in and already Eclipse has put up a strong fight for being a really freaking good album.
This drawn out formula is used throughout the album and it works so well for Film. If you enjoyed the work of LCD Soundsystem and still appreciate the sounds of Hot Chip aswell as newer acts such as Factory Floor then you will see yourself enjoying the progressive approach the trio take to their music. Whether it’s tracks which start off with one solid beat such as the already mentioned, or chills out into a much more mellower setting such as L’Amour Imaginaire or Coralyou’re in for a treat regardless.
Our personal highlight has to be Star Wars. All sci-fi films aside this track sees Eclipsesit comfortably in it’s chilled zone and allows this track to begin to wind down the momentum by replacing the upbeat in-your-face synth beats with much more subtle synthesisers, who’s purpose is to create an idyllic atmosphere rather than lay down one specific beat. The vocals meander throughout the softer and harder moments while a simple drum beat lays down a disco groove that catches your ear right before it starts to loop over again. This to us is the track that envelopes all of the dancefloor elements from the beginning of Eclipse right to the winding down of the post-party atmosphere, and it just sounds fantastic.
Eclipse is definitely an album you should be checking out this year. Film has produced something that is filled with material that can get your hips shaking while also appreciating it’s ability to hold off on the momentum for a little while. This album is a real collection of a band taking their sound and using it to create one heck of a satisfying experience. We love it. For more music reviews, free downloads and didn’t we say we’d be fangirling? Check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

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