Trails – Crooked Trees | Album Review

When: 22.09.2014
Where: Independent Release
Like/Love: LIKE
Community is a cool thing. Crooked Trees is the debut album from angular-punk quartet Trails, and it was financed by fans via a Kickstarter campaign that saw the band promise to branch out from their second EP Signs and write and record Crooked Trees in a space of 12 months. There was an unintentionally thrown tree pun in that sentence, but whatever.
Trails possess a pretty unique sound that contains influences of punk, post-rock, math-rock and goodness knows what to produce something that is constantly moving in every direction available. There’s all kinds of punchy guitar riffs, melodies, vocal hooks, harmonies and the kitchen sink to make sure that this debut album is one that breaks the glass ceiling and throws it’s shards into strangers as well as fans. Where We’re Going, We Don’t Need Roads kicks off Crooked Trees with an intense guitar riff and vocal roar that immediately sets the tempo and tone for the rest of the album. This track is on a constant sugar rush with vocals dropping in and out faster than anybody could imagine and the intensity comes and goes as the band please. It’s an example of sterling band communication and talent that makes for one hell of an introduction, and it’s a Back To The Future reference. What more could you possibly want?
The album does head into some pretty pop-punk directions at various points which should attract more attention to those who prefer the “lighter side of punk”. The intro and verses of Echoes In Eternity features a nice jangly guitar riff alongside the less-gnarly vocals to create easily one of the more accessible songs on the record, as well as Capgras Delusion which is a track that focuses more on vocal harmony than pure aggression. There is also a strong contrast of heavier moments throughout the album too for those who enjoy a little more grit with their porridge. Egos At The Door starts and ends with vocals that sound like they want to punch your balls out, but the band does a great job of combining it with the more accessible assets to really give it a nice sweet/sour contrast.
Overall Crooked Trees is a solid debut album from Trails. The band’s sound allows them to head into directions that sees them experience attempting material from different genres, which should attract as much people as possible onto the album. If you’re a fan of riffs, melodies, harmonies, chaos, accessibility, or everything else in the world of music then you’ll be sure to find it on Crooked Trees. For more music reviews, free downloads and if you feel like a crooked tree then come check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter, the most well rooted pages in the entire world.

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