Girl Friend – Stop | Track Review

When: 10.09.2014
Where: You Records
Like/Love: LOVE
It’s always a good indication that if you don’t get sent a lot of information on a band. Usually an email featuring a bit of waffle and one link to a band’s music means that the music is going to be really good. WTCHS do it all the time, and now I’ve got to take notice anytime I receive Girl Friend’s music in my inbox too. This is the five piece’s new single Stop, and if you’re a fan of Passion Pit, Everything Everything and generally great music then you should probably check this out.
Stop is a track that features a ridiculous amount of layers to create a sound that’s haunting but groovy at the same time. Drums, percussion and handclaps form a triangle of reasons why the hips should get moving, whereas synths and guitars provide beats and riffs that get the shoulders shaking, and the vocals hit so many high and low notes that by the end you’re this convulsing vessel dancing every single limb you have because of this overload of danceable goodness penetrating your lugholes right now. This track is insanely catchy, and infectious to the point where we could have an outbreak of the first ever booty-shaking zombie apocalyse. I for one welcome our rhythmically diseased neighbours.
Stream Stop below, and for more music reviews, free downloads and a way to post zombie sightings check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

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