Broken Records – So Long, So Late | Track Review

When: 15.09.2014
Like/Love: LIKE
Broken Records are a five piece band and this is their new single So Long, So Late. This is their first piece of new material since releasing their third album Weights & Pulleyswhich reached some sweet critical acclaim around the country. These guys perform a kind of orchestrated rock music that has a definite weight to it from the often-pained vocals of frontman Jamie Sutherland. So Long, So Late sees the band team up with producer Tony Doogan who has worked with the likes of Mogwai, Belle & Sebastian and Delgados, so if you’re a fan of that kind of music then you should definitely check Broken Records out.
So Long, So Late is a big effort at creating a very grand, atmospheric track as Broken Records throw beefy drum beats, huge guitar riffs and extra melodies to ensure that this song succeeds in every way. They do a great job at switching things up and ultilise the joys of loud moments by pairing them nicely with quiet moments that are formed by more lovely melodies.
Broken Records have certainly made an impression already for their next album adventure. So Long, So Late is a great introduction into what could end up being a huge new album for the band, and I can’t wait to hear more from them. Stream the track below, and for more music reviews, free downloads and atmospheres man, woah check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebookand Twitter.

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