Like Swimming – Structures | Album Review

When: 08.09.2014
Where: DigSin Records
Like/Love: LIKE
Like Swimming is the newest project of swedish three piece Claes Carlström, Ida Hadene and Petter Wesslander. In the seven years they have worked together they have spent the first five as former band project You Say France, I Whistle and the last two as Like Swimming, and Structures is the debut album.
Much like the many, many other pop acts from Sweden Like Swimming produce an upbeat, sugary sweet sound with lyricism that suggest anything other than happy times. There’s moments of death, love, fighting demons and loneliness sung through vocals that very often hit the right pitch and emotion perfectly, creating a nice contrast against the nicely-strummed clean chords from guitars, the soft stir of drums and the slight presence of electronics.
Opening track Among A Thousand Desperate Minds brings forth a sound that is 100% pop. There’s quirky guitar riffs, melodies and percussion that adds in a certain jingle-y quality to the track which is nicely crafted without necessarily sounding too hectic. It’s inoffensive, much like the “never let me down, cos I will mess you up” hook which comes across as adorable rather than threatening. It’s a strange mixture of emotions but it does try it’s best to sound as big as possible. It’s cute.
Structures does contain some nice gems. Let Go sees Like Swimming use their superb male/female vocal interplay to produce some much more mature, easily formed harmonies, and the instrumentation is once again nicely crafted off of a foundation of guitar melodies, drums and electronic clicks. Lead single Icarus is sickeningly sweet and catchy with it’s simplistic rhythm and inspirational vocals talking about being a king of gods.
Sadly this traditional Swedish sound makes for too much easy listening and not a lot of anything to grab a hold of. Structures is a little too cohesive to the point where the material flows a little too easily without leaving a lot of impression. It’s sweet, inoffensive pop music that’s impossible to dislike but then there’s also not a lot of reasons to sing it’s praises. Though Dance Any Way I Please needs to take a second to think about why it’s a song about the way people want to dance, just dance already. So yeah, Structures is a solid effort that produces some nice pop music, and we all could do with some pop music. For more music reviews, free downloads and swedish meatballs check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

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