Hollie April – Together Alone | Track Review

When: 22.08.2014
Where: Blue Soap Music
Like/Love: LIKE
Together Alone is the upcoming single from singer-songwriter Hollie April, and so far everybody has been going mad for it. Mostly because it’s a fantastic example of how to craft a song that sounds original and emotive, but also because of it’s whereabouts. Hollie April comes from the formerly-nothing-to-do-with-music-country of Gibraltar, and after today, I have the upmost respect for it. Kudos to you Gibraltar, nice one.
As well as the Neutral Milk Hotel – Holland 1945 reference to the girl born with roses in her eyes, Together Alone is six minutes of beautiful melodies, hauntingly chill vocals and an easy progression into a solid, hard hitting tune. With simple drum beats, backing vocals and an acoustic guitar strummed as hard as possible, it’s kind of hard to not appreciate the level of detail thrown into this song. It’s impossible to not enjoy the touches of melodies, guitar licks and misty background noises playing behind the direct singing of Hollie April, and lastly, it’s stupid to think this is anything other than really really good.
Stream Together Alone below and well, just get really into it dude. It’s great. For more music reviews, free downloads and more cases of me pushing you into listening to something in the least intimidating way possible check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

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