Fox And The Law – Cheap Talk | Track Review

When: 15.09.2014
Where: Failure By Design Records
Like/Love: LOVE
Fox And The Law are a quartet from Seattle and this is their new single Cheap Talk. These guys bring forth a sound of garage rock and blues which immediately sits well with me, and it seems the rest of the UK will be getting to know them very soon with the release of their new album Stoned To Death in November, as well as a tour aswell. It’s time to get our talent for sipping tea and making queues absolutely tip top to make sure the band have a great time making us lose our shit everywhere.
Cheap Talk throws down some a headknocking riff and vicious palm muted chords right at the start to immediately get things at least 79% hyped. Fox And The Law continue to lay down more huge riffs and vocal harmonies which just makes everything catchy as balls, as well as adding in a pretty sweet guitar solo to transform this track into a fantastic anthem of pure rock and roll that is just hot to the touch and makes it want to lick the air or something just to taste those delicious hooks. Ohhh my.
This is a great, great track from Fox And The Law and immediately I cannot wait to hear the rest of Stoned To Death. Cheap Talk is a taste of what’s to come and I already want seconds. Stream the track below, look out for Stoned To Death on the 1stof November and for more music reviews, free downloads and mmm mmmmmm check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

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