Villiers – You’re Not Alone/Nowhere Left To Run | Track Review

When: 15.08.2014
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A couple months ago in June we fangirled possibly a little too much over the release of The Dancer, the new single from northern trio Villiers. We loved it’s deep set roots and ability to not only hark back to the synth-heavy sound of the 80’s but also brought back the decade’s effortless talent in making something groovy. Villiers look set to cement their new reputation and gain even more praise with the release of double AA sided single You’re Not Alone/Nowhere Left To Run.
You’re Not Alone follows the formula of The Dancer by loading the airwaves with heavy, deep set bass and murky synthesisers to create a sound that could make Soft Cell experience deja vu. This track proves that Villiers have the ability to stick hips into their instruments, as it gets moving with a simple, submerged drum beat and additional synth beats that makes everything sound intoxicating. The vocals sound a little more poppy than The Dancer, possibly to help make the title hook stand out more, but overall You’re Not Alone is another solid effort from Villiers.
Nowhere Left To Run hits at a different pace with the traditional bass and synth sounds but Villiers pair it up with a drum beat that sounds slightly off-kilter to add a kind of unexpected disjointed feel to it. There’s a sense of urgency hidden within the airwaves, as the band pick the tempo up just a tad to close off this double AA single on a dancier note. It’s great.
Villiers prove with both singles that they are not a one-trick pony with The Dancer. These guys had the spotlight placed onto them and they have carried it well with these two tracks. We can’t wait to hear where Villiers go from here, and how big the buzz will be once they come to the stage of dropping an album. For more music reviews, free downloads and a little less fangirling check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.


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