Knuckle – This Week’s Been Hell | EP Review

When: 14.09.2014
Like/Love: LOVE
What is with the emergence of two pieces this year? Obviously there’s a whole Royal Blood hype, then the resurgence of Death From Above 1979, and now there’s Knuckle. These two are a heavier, more cocaine-struck version of The Black Keys, and this is their debut EP This Week’s Been Hell. If you like many other people thought that Turn Blue was a bit pants, then be prepared to have no pants when you listen to this freaking EP. Spoiler Alert: it’s rather good.
Knuckle give us a quick runthrough of their sound with opening track Knuckle Shuffle, which is fortunately not a tribute to the infamous wrestling move by John Cena. All nerdy jokes aside, this track delivers hard hitting riffs which sit comfortably on the edge of garage rock and bluesy goodness to give us something that could have fit in with the heyday of Led Zeppelin, Budgie and practically ever rock band ever. The constantly moving tempo keeps our energy levels high and our anticipation suitably moistened which combined nearly sends us over onto ejaculation central. Not really, but there’s definitely a space down below for a stain to be made.
Things take a turn for the swing as Hand Grenade For A Heart comes in with a tempo that gets everything from the booty to the bootees moving as Knuckle throw down an Elvis-like groove to the track to suddenly make everything worth extending this sentence for no real reason other than to say how great it sounds. There’s all kinds of great hooks that stick out like the mention of a velvet revolver and the guitar solo and the drums which resonate really well with us just like the “blow me…” section towards the end. How naughty, but another great track.
Ejector Seat takes things down a tad with a quiet, no drum intro before exploding into a vocal huge, guitar huge, drum huge moment that suddenly kicks everything back into gear again. It’s a pretty significant moment when you realise that you’re suddenly really into this band. Bad Brains features a riff that could have been used in a badass western or Tarantino film before heading into a direction that features very fuzzy riffs and chaotic drumbeats and harmonies that keeps the world spinning.
Closing track Living Hell features a pretty simple sounding drum beat and guitar riff which Knuckle use to create one of the catchiest tracks on the EP by converting it into one big hook. It’s a great, catchy way to bring a close to one of the best debuts we’ve heard this year. Knuckle are rather great at what they do. We love This Week’s Been Hell. For more music reviews, free downloads and goodness me this is good. Check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.


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