Teenanger – E P L P | Album Review

When: 09.09.2014
Where: Telephone Explosion
Like/Love: LOVE
Teenanger are a Toronto-based garage rock/punk band and this is their new album E P L P. These guys are pretty darn efficient having released three albums on Telephone Explosion in three years, with last year’s Singles Don’t $ell receiving quite a fair bit of praise in and around the mouth of the Canadian music scene. Think back to the time where Jackass was a mere TV show about stupid people being stupid and WWF had ladies in little clothing and chairshots to the face, and The Offspring were the greatest band in the world. This will be the LP(EP?) for you.
Opener Fly On The Wall is a straight up summer jam with fast paced guitar riffs which slip and slide like a child on a waterslide, intense drum beats that bash their purpose into the skulls of those who listen and it’s all topped off with deep, gnarled vocals which help roll up the track into one delicious ball of eardrum-pounding euphoria. It’s a quick introduction into the sound of Teenanger, and one that gets us very excited for the rest of E P L P.
Sky Saxon is another quick paced track that looks to offend Michael Jackson and all of his fans by referencing kids *not* being diddled and *never making a dime* while using the King Of Pop’s name as a pretty solid hook to create one polarising tune that sounds rather good. Twisted is a personal highlight with everything sounding fantastic. The guitar riffs, basslines, vocals, hooks all sound top notch but the real showpiece is the freaking SAX SOLO. This solo has optimal placement, and takes the sax to the extreme to make it sound really sax-y. It’s great, and unexpected beyond belief but as always, anything with saxophone solos inside is usually rather favourable on the ears.
There’s a whole lot of variety thrown into E P L P as Teenanger head down many paths to bring back a new version of their sound. The traditional garage rock intensity is everpresent but tracks like Think About It sound like something Nebula could have produced in their heyday,The Sequel takes on a psychedelic approach and succeeds at adding yet another genre to the record while also sounding pretty freaking good at it. There’s also a noticable focus on groove which kind of becomes the foundations of Teenanger’s sound, and that focus definitely shines through most of Negative Zeros.
Closing track Hot Rods At The Loser Convention is one last hurrah in throwing everything garage rock and funky at the listener before saying goodbye. The heavy main riff pulsates and forges a groove out of it while the drums do their best to smooth out a pretty sweet rhythm. The guitars as always contribute some great riffs and all in all we really love Teenanger.
E P L P is a fantastic record from start to finish. Each of the eight tracks inside contain great songwriting, great riffs, drums, basslines, hooks and there’s even a sax solo too. How can you not love it?! It’s phenomenal. Really, really good album. For more music reviews, free downloads and a touch of sax check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.


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