Mumblr – Got It | Track Review

When: Full Of Snakes –16.09.2014
Where: Fleeting Youth Records
Like/Love: LIKE
Mumblr have already released two tracks in anticipation for their debut album Full Of Snakes, and we liked both of them. Philadelphia is a guitar-heavy track which paints the picture of the band’s hometown through the medium of fuzzy guitar riffs and Roachsaw the band contemplate their future in the most anxious of ways. Got It is the third and final track track to be dropped and it kind of rounds off the trilogy really. We’ve had rock n roll, drugs and now sex is covered nicely.
Got It sets off with a much more subtle instrumental with palm muted guitars and little hints of riffage starting off the eventual progression into an explosive finale. The vocals talk about being an idiot and inviting someone back to your place all the time, hoping one day they’ll finally say yes. It’s a technique I try to use frequently, and most of the time it’s met with laughs, or rejection. The chorus is an explosion of guitars and dual vocals which project the “I got it if you want it” hook into insane levels of catchiness, and overall it’s just another case of Mumblr being pretty darn relatable. Whether or not that’s a good thing is something I choose not to think about right now, but it does sound rather good.
Stream Got It below, and look out for Mumblr’s debut album Full Of Snakes on September 16thvia Fleeting Youth Records. For more music reviews, free downloads and I don’t ever want to be full of snakes check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.


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