The Exhibition – Carry To The End | EP Review

When: 01.09.2014
Where: Of National Importance Records
Like/Love: LIKE
The Exhibition are a four-piece from Barnsley and this is their third EP Carry To The End. These guys play a kind of progressive rock mixed with poppy sensibilities to create a sound that’s heavily layered with melodies and dramatic moments while also being pretty darn easy on the ears.
Artery opens the EP with a murky guitar riff that slowly makes it’s way into the spotlight while the drums perform that’s slightly disco-tinged. This hint of disco fever gives this creeping instrumentation an element of catchiness that could have been heard from the music of The Cure or something, and the many layers of guitars could have come straight from Robert Smith’s mind too. Artery is an entertaining, interesting track that definitely does a great job introducting us to the sound of The Exhibition, and gets us eager to check out the rest of the material on the EP.
Our personal favourite has to be Starting Over. This track does a great job at truly showcasing the strengths of progressive rock. The Exhibition kick it off with a super slow-pace and minimal intro, only using drums and quiet guitars to ease the track into it’s flow, before slipping into the chorus with it’s simple “starting over again” hook and huge walls of guitars. The repetition of the hook pushes the track into a higher gear, enabling the guitars to provide riffs and melodies which combined sounds blissful and sombre, creating one of our favourite moments on Carry To The End.
Carry To The End is a solid EP featuring four songs which clearly reveal how talented The Exhibition are at creating something that’s accessible while not necessarily sticking to what’s known to be catchy these days. The genre of progressive rock isn’t usually something that’s hailed as easy to get into, but these guys do a great job at giving it it’s best shot at sounding good for everybody. Stream it below and for more music reviews, free downloads and I should probably read over this review again check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

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