Submotion Orchestra – 2L84U | Track Review

When: 03.11.2014
Where: Counter Records
Like/Love: LOVE
Submotion Orchestra will be releasing their new album Alium all the way away in November, but right now we can all grab a FREE DOWNLOAD of new track 2L84U, and boy, you will want to grab it. Think of that new Tickle Torture EP Spectrophiliaand how the track You’re Gonna Be My Babydisguises all of the twisted, primal lustful horniness the EP reveals in pretty abrupt fashion and then come check out 2L84U. This is the moment where you run away from Tickle Torture and get making love with Submotion Orchestra, good lord.
2L84U is a track that goes at the tempo it wants to, is confident in the sounds it makes, and freaking knows that it is driving us crazy. The echo-y drum beat cuts through the smoked-filled synths and pairs up nicely with the funky bass line to produce a sound that makes every bedroom encounter and pairing of lips so much better. The vocals fit in with the music perfectly, and it’s just…wow. This track is sensual, exhillerating, confident, just downright good, and it caps it all off with a sweet saxophone solo. Everything that ends with a sax solo is bound to be a target to the genitals.
Stream the track below, once again grab a FREE DOWNLOAD of it, and look out for Submotion Orchestra’s new album Alium on November 3rd. For more music reviews, free downloads and a pair of new underwear check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

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