Bonfire John – Everybody | Track Review

When: College –27.09.2014
Where: Tree Machine Records
Like/Love: LOVE
Tree Machine Records has seemingly been revitalised this year. The indie label from overseas always has a place in my heart and is personally one of my favourites since starting this whole music writing lark, and it’s really good to see that it’s come back with some new projects and a much better looking future. On the 27thof September the label will be releasing College, the new album from singer-songwriter Bonfire John, but instead of waiting around for that to be released, lets check out Everybody, a track which warms my heart dearly.
Everybody is six minutes of pure feelgood eurphoria. A hazy, slightly distorted guitar riff floats in the air while a relaxed drum beat adds the slightest hint of groove to the instrumentation, as Bonfire John’s vocals sound like something I want to hang out with all the time. It’s fantastic, and chilled to the point where the big booming guitar solo and riffs and drum crashes comes as the best surprise ever. The production quality is top notch too, making every single instrument from the electric guitar to the slight reserve of acoustic guitar bolstering the sound just a little bit more sound crystal clear.
I freaking love Everybody, and if College is going to be one big slab of chilled out, feelgood tunes then Tree Machine Records, I love you. Stream Everybody below and look out for College on September 27th. For more music reviews, free downloads and everybody just love everybody else check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

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