Singtank – Ceremonies | Album Review

When: 22.09.2014
Where: Parlophone France
Like/Love: LOVE
Singtank are Parisian duo Alexandre and Joséphine de La Baume and this is their new album Ceremonies. In 2012 these guys wowed listeners with debut In Wonder and two years later they wish to do the same in order to cement their place as a pretty big deal. What’s interesting about these guys is that their influences are eclectric enough to make them realise that their material doesn’t necessarily have to follow the same pattern every time, making their albums sound varied while keeping the momentum flowing naturally.
Opening track Here We Go Again kicks off Ceremonies with a pretty lush sounding intro comprised of airy female backing vocals and a synth beat that sounds particularly…french? Male vocals get the track moving with a foot-tapping drum beat and subtle basslines pulstate amongst the instrumental, creating a sound that’s very well layered and dramatic which is perfect for an introduction into anything. It’s also the perfect lead in to Frida, a track which steps in with gorgeous synths and pianos that immediately brighten up the record and continues this trend with sweet female vocals and twinkling piano parts before swelling once again into this beautiful chorus section.
Singtank do a pretty sweet cover of Suspicious Minds by incorporating their electronic sound into the traditional swing of the track to create a much more dark, brooding version of it. We Are takes the record into a much more heavy sound with huge drums taking control to create a much more primal, urgent sound that somehow manages to fit in with the more relaxed atmospheres shown thus far.
The duo were not kidding around when they claimed to make their records varied. Tete Brulee features a bassline and vocal delivery that wouldn’t sound out of a place on a surf rock record. Singtank brings this change out of nowhere and while unexpected it does very good. These guys are rather talented.
Ceremonies is a fascinating record that succeeds at walking successfully down every path it takes. This is an album that brings all purpose boots and treads over every listener’s expectations to reach a destination that exceeds anything we could have known. Singtank are a superb duo, and almost sound like a darker, less sex-obsessed version of Chromeo, and that’s awesome. For more music reviews, free downloads and I don’t know how to put accents on top of certain letters check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

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