Grand Tarantula – Slime Times | EP Review

When: 07.09.2014
Where: Riot House Records
Like/Love: LIKE
Grand Tarantula are a garage rock band from San Diego and this is their debut EP Slime Times. Personally I’m not a fan of spiders, especially tarantulas. Anything that could lose it’s skin and still roam around is too badass for me, and if it hangs out in slime then it’s a complete no go for me, though I will check out it’s music. If you’re a fan of Black Lips then this EP would be rather favourable to your delicious little eardrums.
This EP is seven tracks long with a runthrough of around 12 minutes of garage rock tunes that grab some surfboards and checks out the waves. This short debut contains very good production which allows the band to deliver some high-energy guitar riffs and solos all under the influence of garage rock and surf rock to produce a listen that is heavy and equally groovy too. Opening track She’s The Worst sets the tone with a crunchy guitar riff and a pretty sweet verse section where the riff collaborates with the vocals to produce a very danceable beginning to Slime Times.
Freaks features a riff that sounds straight from the waves as it’s punchy tone sounds like it could crash through the water with it’s shades still intact. Boyfriend talks about not ending up with a rubbish girlfriend, as lets face it having a rubbish girlfriend would be pretty rubbish, though not as rubbish as being a dropout, which Dropout illustrates nicely. This trio of tracks all feature some punk-esque brevity and an energy that won’t quit. It’s awesome.
We’re Gonna Get You High closes out the EP with one last tug on the balls as Grand Tarantula say goodbye by promising to get you high, which is rather nice. This ballsy closer brings an end to what has been a short but highly enjoyable listen. Slime Times is a great debut and a great listen for everybody who likes garage rock/surf rock and 12 minutes of satisfaction. For more music reviews, free downloads and a little boop on the nose check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

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