Tickle Torture – Spectrophilia | EP Review

When: 09.09.2014
Where: Blood Of The Young Records
Like/Love: LOVE
Ever reached that level of horniess where your genitals transcend above the waistline and transform into your entire being? Have you ever woken up with morning glory that just won’t quit? And the only way to dispose of it is to destroy everything in your path? Well, this is the music for you. Tickle Torture is a pretty kinky form of sexual activity that I believe really gets people either A) Mad or B) Off. Who knows. Anyway, Tickle Torture is the name of an entertainer who is pretty much Justin Timberlake with Prince injected into his veins, and this is his new EP Spectrophilia.
Tickle Torture’s sound is funky, dirty and downright lustful with no sign of holding up how much it wants to tear your clothes off. Ain’t no love making going on with this playing. She’s In My Blood opens the EP with eight minutes of heavy, funky grooves and intense synth sounds which create a hard on driven by it’s desire to come at the eardrums with unrelenting rhythms and distorted grooves alongside some heavily Prince-like vocals. The added interlude of a person puking pretty much illustrates how my speakers feel after playing this track on repeat, and…goddamn. This track is definitely one behemoth of an opener.
As with any song called Fuck Me With The Lights On it is not a sweet love song. This track only has two minutes to work with but sometimes all you need is two minutes, especially according to Flight Of The Conchords. This track delivers the grooves which is driven by heavily distorted drums and a promise to “be there when you cum” which I think is just very considerate and lovely.
The real highlight is the lead single Would I Love You. There’s no sign of like, making people cum or fucking with the lights on or anything like that. This is a true disco song that talks about getting a girl back or stealing a girl back from some dude and asking if you would love her the same, which considering the other material on Spectrophilia is really quite nice. If I stole a girl back from a man I probably would love her, because all that time and effort spent on getting her back must surely mean more than seeing her boobies again. This track has everything from pure disco backing vocals, synths and funky rhythms to create something that almost made me want not go to Reading Festival and spend my entire weekend listening to it on loop for 5 days. It’s that good.
You’re Gonna Be My Baby brings the EP to a close with eight minutes of soft piano chords and airy drum patterns which illustrate the morning after an intense night of extreme love making in the light. This track is full of simple vocal hooks that makes the song title the easiest thing in the world to sing, and instead of taking everything to the extreme Tickle Torture just a great job at just keeping everything mellow, keeping it sexy, and I mean traditional sexy. It’s a fantastic close to what has been one entertaining shitstorm of an EP. Spectrophilia is a fantastic listen and Tickle Torture has become one of my favourite artists of the year with this new record. Check it out ASAP, and get nasty. For more music reviews, free downloads and ohhhhhhhhhhhhh my check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

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