Royal Blood – Royal Blood | Album Review

When: 25.08.2014
Where: Warner Bros.
Like/Love: LOVE
It’s so good to come back to something waiting for you. Like coming home from a long day of work and finding about a dozen puppies wagging their tails looking at you, or disappearing for a lot of August and coming back to some good freaking music. For us it’s rock duo Royal Blood, who have been gaining a tremendous amount of buzz through live shows alone, only having a couple singles and an EP released before taking on many cities and festivals. I had the pleasure of seeing these guys at Reading Festival this year, and they tore apart their thirty minutes and left me with one huge boner that wanted more, so you could imagine my ejaculation upon coming home to discover their debut self titled album was finally released.
Fans of Royal Blood must have checked out the Out Of The Black EP which featured four songs which delivered their heavy, blues rock sound and contained three songs which ended up on Royal Blood. Out Of The Black opens the record with a chugging, heavy intro which kicked everything in the face and left it thankful to have touched the boot. The track is an intense rock song which destroys any hesitation that guitar music is dead, these guys literally use a bass and drums, and the sounds they make with them are insane.
Despite the limitations to just four strings Royal Blood do a fantastic job at delivering riffs that sound like they come from an instrument with six. Much of the material on Royal Blood contain chugging verses and choruses that just let loose with the riffs, allowing them to ring out the thick strings behind them and more importantly keep everything moving at a really strong, consistent pace. Come On Over, Loose Change and Little Monster are songs which showcase Royal Blood’s ability to take their hard rock sound and convert it into something that gets the entire listening spectrum listening.
Tracks like Blood Hands, Loose Change and Careless favour a more bluesy approach to Royal Blood’s sound as the duo focus on delivering a sound that intends to groove in a much more natural way rather than forcing the listen to move with waves of intense distortion. This is where comparisions to The White Stripes/The Dead Weather come into play to join the kingpin influence of Queens Of The Stone Age.
Overall Royal Blood is a record that easily lives up to the hype and is definitely one of the strongest debuts this decade. Royal Blood storms into the mainstream with a twist on the sound of old school rock n roll and comes in at full force with many, many hits and great deeper cuts that makes this album a pretty essential addition to anybody’s collection. Also, Ten Tonne Skeleton is an absolute beast of a track. Goddamn. For more music reviews, free downloads and a welcome hug back check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

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