Exploding Head Syndrome | Taking A Break

Hey. It’s time to post a long, possibly too long post about taking a break. As you’ve probably noticed the content for August has been stupidly little. We’ve posted three reviews this month, which is usually what we publish in two days. Not eighteen. The reason for this is that this particular August has been really freaking busy. Whether good or very, very not good there’s just been situations going on that have made me the most sociable person in the world, and far and away not sat on my desk writing reviews. I also have Reading Festival coming up on Thursday so have been training my body to enter a stage of drunkeness that allows me to have a really good time while also remembering QOTSA and Arctic Monkeys’ headline performances.
So what I’m saying is I’m taking the rest of the month off. Traditionally August has always a busy month for me anyway with increased hours at work but with everything else it really only gives me free time to devote to watching porn. Unfortunately this means something has to be tucked up in bed for a while, and because Exploding Head Syndrome is more of a hobby than a career it has to go beddy byebyes.
I know that there’s a ton of music currently sitting in my inbox which I would love to check out and post about how good it is but sadly that will probably not be happening. With having limited time listening to music and having to write about it becomes more a chore and less of a thing I wanna do. I won’t be writing reviews during August until perhaps the last couple days, who knows, but unless the music is really, really good I probably won’t be posting about your music in September. Especially if you sent it to me July and it actually came out way before then. It just doesn’t make sense to shake up the dust and go “hey this is good!” when everybody else already knows that.
So yeah. I can only apologise to those who have sent me music and have already been waiting a little while to hear something back but August is really freaking busy for me man. I will be listening to it on the sly so at least take comfort in that. I may even send you an email going like “hey, this is really good and you’re pretty”. Or something. But yeah. We’ll definitely be back in September when everything’s quiet and there’s a lot more time to dedicate to Exploding Head Syndrome. If you ever see a really white guy with brown stained trousers at Reading Festival then that’s probably me, in which case you can come over and tell me how silly I am. I will be updating the Loved List too and will be adding that to the pages bit at the top so it will be available everywhere, like the most helpful STI ever.
I usually post stupid shit on Facebook and Twitter so be sure to follow us there, and I will see you all in September. Hopefully with a post talking about Reading Festival and who I saw and what I did and stuff should I remember. But yeah. Keep sending me music to adam@explodingheadsyndrome.co.ukbecause I like reading the emails, though not if they’re a blatant copy and paste job of your “artist biography”. Those are silly. Lemme see some real personality. Love you.

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