Gdansk – EP1 | EP Review

When: 10.06.2014
Like/Love: LIKE
Hiiiiiiiiiii. It’s been a little while but we’re back, and ready to fill the internet with more and more aimless sentences every single day. Our first review back is about the newest EP from Canadian quartet Gdansk which is conveniently titled EP1. These guys produce a kind of dreamy-electronic pop that slips into the airwaves and kinda goes like “hey we’re here” before laying down something that grips the listener in the groins, much like my technique in the bedroom.
Mariner’s Cross opens the EP with a stuttering drum beat and gorgeous synths which sound like something birds could produce. Gdansk creates an instanteous connection with the listener by producing something that sounds idillic and an atmosphere we’d all like to be inside, and my god it sounds good. This formula alters slightly as Chest’s Of Men reveals a stronger instrumental bolstered by basslines and drums that maintaining a pretty commanding attitude. Additional percussion (cowbell!) and guitar licks become a mainstay and allows the track to become one of more layered efforts on the EP, and definitely one of the highlights too.
Babel is a turning point for the EP as Gdansk keeps everything moving to create something heavily layered to the point of sounding distorted. There’s all kinds of guitar riffs occuring, with pained vocals yelling out above them, and synths are probably thrown in there to get things sounding even more convoluted. Finally closing track Live Away is a slower paced, big finale type song with the band being back the lovely synth sounds to round off what has been a very well constructed EP.
EP1 is a great listen with four songs that somehow tie the sound of Gdansk together while also looking to perform their own personality by either heading down a paradise-like route or turning things upside down and into a heavier territory. Stream the EP below, purchase it for how many currency you want, and for more music reviews, free downloads and a big warm, wet hug check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.


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