Film – Ping Pong With Angels | Track Review

When: Eclipse – 26.09.2014
Where: Inner Ear Records
Like/Love: LIKE
Honestly if I was playing ping pong with angels I’d give up right away. Surely the biggest danger during game would be losing the ball and having it suddenly hurtling towards the Earth? Anyway. Ping Pong With Angels is the new single from Greek three piece Film, and it has definitely got me excited for their forthcoming album Eclipse.
Ping Pong With Angels is a track full of beats that bounce around like something on many cocktails of drugs, constantly providing the listener with a reason to keep moving. The watery vocals throw some Daft Punk eccentricity into the airwaves but overall it’s the instrumental that really gets things going for me. The waves of synths wash over one another while the drums act as the rocks beneath the water, adding some much needed texture and rhythm to the mix. Film does a fantastic job of building this song into an absolute sonic behemoth, packing it with all kinds of sounds and riffs to make this the best lunchbox ever made.
Stream Ping Pong With Angels below, look out for Film’s new album Eclipse on the 26thSeptember, and for more music reviews, free downloads and peculiar writing check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.


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