Talons – The Dreams Have No Dream | Track Review

When: New Topographics – 04/08/2014
Where: Big Scary Monsters
Like/Love: LOVE
Last month we talked about The Wild Places,the first taste of 2014 music from instrumental sextet Talons in anticipation for their second album New Topographics, and today we’re here to verbally splooge ourselves about how good the second single The Dreams Have No Dream is. Last night I dreamt that I was sat in a car and a bear attacked me, it wasn’t nice, but I took in solace in knowing that the dream wouldn’t be dreaming about that too.
The Dreams Have No Dream is an anthemic battleaxe of a tune with the tools not only to stand up to the bear but also has more than enough power to knock the bear into oblivion. It’s first three minutes is a fantastic example of how to layer a track perfectly, as drums and synths lay down the foundation before guitars come in to stack it high with huge walls of distorted noise. Each instrument comes with it’s own groove, allowing the absence of vocals to be seen as an advantage as the instrumentation continues to remain entertaining on it’s own. Talons also provide additional guitar leads to bolster the layers but also to keep things constantly moving, but what’s even better is the string section. It’s late introduction meant that they had to deliver with something big and they certainly did as the frantic behaviour behind their section fitted in so well with the anthemic halfway point.
The true closer to this track becomes this chaotic thunderstorm of drums and guitars and weeping strings which somehow beats the first half, finally bringing an end to one of the best songs I’ve heard all year. Talons just blew my freaking mind. Stream The Dreams Have No Dream below, and look out for New Topographics early next month and for more music reviews, free downloads and good lord what a song check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

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