The Dirty Nil – Cinnamon | Track Review

When: 19/08/2014
Where: Fat Wreck Records
Like/Love: LOVE
The Dirty Nil return with their upcoming single Cinnamon, and it is well good. Personally I’m not a fan of cinnamon, the taste does get a little overbearing and it does tickle my throat a little too much upon disgestion, and it smells weird.
The track however is an insanely loud disruption of all things quiet which is vintage Dirty Nil. Guitars, drums and vocals are turned all the way up and there’s no hint of stoppage as the entirety of Cinnamon is used to deliver as many heavy riffs and solos as possible, all directed by passionate vocals with a sweet “you can be pissed off if you want to” hook that makes me feel great right now. If only I had something to be pissed off about.
Cinnamon is a superb track and definitely another stepping stone in The Dirty Nil’s steady climb to the top. These guys have been releasing hit after hit after hit over the last year or so and they’re got to become big time players at some point. Stream the track below, and look out for it’s official release on August 19thvia Fat Wreck Records. For more music reviews, free downloads and arhgrhhahgh check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.
Sounds like…

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