Newglads – Navel Gaze | EP Review

When: 30/06/2014
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Navel Gaze is the brand new EP from alternative pop band Newglads. These Italians channel the likes of Oasis and Blur to create something that brings britpop back into the modern world. I also suffer from gazing at a good naval. Come up to me on our first date with the keys to a particularly foreboding ship and I’m yours.
Here We Go Again is a nostalgic triumph harking back to the good old days of Britpop. Easy-listening guitars ring out some inoffensive riffs alongside warm vocals to make for a feel good listen. Newglads throw in some subtle guitar solos and even a horn section into the mix to keep things fresh, and it’s just a nice way to kick off Navel Gaze. The slower paced How Long Will You Run For? Uses acoustic guitar to kick things off in a much more sombre way and the addition of piano and strings makes this track a surprisingly layered little number.
What’s great about Navel Gaze is the amount of variety Newglads throw into it. The aforementioned songs both feature a different lineup of instruments, and the trend seems to continue as Everybody Wants To Be Wiser sounds like it has some synths to it which make way for a pretty explosive indie number. Closing track Do We Have Any Chance? Brings the EP to a close on an emotive level, which drawn out guitar riffs that help ring out the sombre feelings heard on How Long Will You Run For? To round off what has been a pretty entertaining EP.
Newglads definitely do their influences proud on Navel Gaze while also doing a good job at maintaining their own sound. The variety helps the band identify their personality and while Britpop is past it’s prime, they certainly do a great job making it sound as good as possible. Stream Navel Gaze below, purchase it for free and for more music reviews, free downloads and I just wanna shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.
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