Zaleski & Ugly Zoo – Split | Album Review

When: 08/07/2014
Where: Fleeting Youth Records
Like/Love: LOVE
Fleeting Youth Records always seem to be about smushing bands together like two people who are made for eachother yet are unable to kiss for whatever reason. These guys like coming out with splits, and fortunately they make us do anything but. This time around it’s Ohio’s Zaleski and Pennsylvania’s Ugly Zoo to create a split that channels all things sludge rock to post hardcore, culminating in a release that could punch your balls off.
Sludge rock trio Zaleski open the split with Red Walls, which is a heavy listen complete with huge walls of guitar riffs that could make J Mascis proud. The vocals and dual vocal sections are pretty enjoyable, with both performances emitting the right kind of passionate anger that only resonates well against the big thick displays of distorted guitar riffs. It’s an awesome song, and this trait definitely continues over the course of the next four songs as Zaleski maintain their level of intensity with tracks like Where Are We? And Ghosted showcasing the band’s talent to keep things exciting. These guys contribute a great first half to the split, and now it’s Ugly Zoo’s turn to fully melt our faces off.
Post-hardcore foursome Ugly Zoo pack a huge and hilarious punch as their introduction wonderfully titled Westboro Deepthroat comes in with an insane amount of riffs crammed into two minutes of the most energetic collection of noise to startling results. Once again this track sets up what’s to be expected from Ugly Zoo as tracks such as Jawbreaker features a sweet bass solo amongst the chaos and If We Don’t Succeed We Run The Risk Of Failure just comes in with a constant flurry of distorted noise and hectic drum beats to round up what has been a headbanging split from Fleeting Youth Records.
This split is my favourite one yet from Fleeting Youth Records. Both Zaleski and Ugly Zoo are great bands and each of their five tracks makes for some entertaining listening. Stream the split below, definitely purchase it and for more music reviews, free downloads and a soft but firm touch on the bottom check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

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