Co-pilgrim – Pushover/One | Track Review

When: 28/07/2014
Where: Battle Worldwide Recordings
Like/Love: LIKE
Let’s hear it for misery. Usually after doing an album review I never check out future singles from bands but this is one of the rare occurences where I want to make sure I can tell as much people as possible how good said band are. Co-pilgrim dropped their superb third album Plumes earlier in the year and so far we have continually praised it time and time again, but now they have a single coming out soon! Pushover will be released next next monday, and it is rather lovely.
Much like previous singles Grew Into Something New and I Know Love Co-pilgrim choose another upbeat-instrumental-but-very-sad-lyrics tune as their plea to appeal to the masses. Pushover features a sweet acoustic/electric guitar riff that’s packed with sunny melodies and as we’ve come to expect many vocal harmonies that come and go as they please to make everything sound as light hearted as possible. It’s a very easy-going, head bobbing listen with dampened lyricism which is vintage Co-pilgrim and gives it a bit of depth as well as hooks to draw you in initially.
The B-side One however throws aside the formula of pairing sadness with happiness and instead sticks to primarily a boat load of sads. Directed by sullen piano chords and accompanied by the most subtle of melody, this song is possibly Co-pilgrim’s saddest effort yet. If there’s one song I’m forgetting right now then it’s definitely the most obviously sad. The heavy reverb on the vocals adds to the loneliness and the echo grips hold of the “one is the loneliest number…” line which repeats way more than I, a very single person, would like to hear. I received a text – my first text of the day by the way – just before checking this track out and it was from PizzaGoGo, which I guess sums up my relation to this song. It’s very sad, yet somehow comforting to bore through it.
Once again Co-pilgrim have themselves another single that should easily get people hooked on their heavily layered, summery sound and definitely gain a few new fans if they check out the rest of Plumes. Plumes is definitely one of my favourite albums of the year and will continue to remain so until the end of it. Stream Pushover below, and hope to never hear One if you’re a little bit sad. For more music reviews, free downloads and to donate baby animals to us check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.
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