Allusondrugs – Eponymous | EP Review

When: 21/07/2014
Where: Clue Records
Like/Love: LOVE
Clue Records! We like Clue Records. It’s a pretty new record label from Leeds and they have been home to some pretty good music. We’ve previously mentioned Forever Cult, though the likes of Narcs and Allusondrugs are also very good bands. Today we talk about the upcoming Eponymous EP from Allusondrugs, and while it’s not out for another couple of weeks, it’s only fitting that we talk about how great it is right now.
The band from West Yorkshire perform a pretty grunge-heavy sound that is full of distorted guitar riffs and general badass-ery to create material that’s always a pleasure to hear, and it definitely sticks to the good books on Eponymous. Opening track I’m Your Man in particular is one heavy heavy heavily distorted affair as a huge wall of guitar comes up against drums and vocals that pretty much topples them over in a glorious display of strength. This track is slightly dis-jointed with it’s My Bloody Valentine-esque sound but the chorus is packed with a catchy riff and an even catchier vocal hook that makes me want to tell everybody that I’m their man. A good start to the EP.
Ted, What’s The Porn Like In Heaven is possibly the greatest song title in existence. I can imagine it’s sadly not great in Heaven. It’s all gonna be about consensual sex in the missionary position isn’t it? Maybe fellatio in a blue moon but apart from that it’d probably be rather boring. The song however is far from boring; it’s like a fellatio every minute. Allusondrugs deliver with intensity, guitar riffs and vocal screams that make me wanna punch myself in the head and feel good about it. It’s awesome.
The EP continues to be really freaking good as Cherry Pie steps up and delivers even more distorted fury with guitar riffs that sound really angry. Allusondrugs have made the pie and now they are going to fuck the pie. This track is extremely good, everything about it whether it’s the intense vocals, the palm muted guitars, the loud as dicks guitars or the sweet breakdown towards the end, everything is good.
Sunset Yellow takes things down a notch with some watery melodies and softer vocals taking the reigns from the aforementioned to create a surprising break from all of the chaos and instead give the listener something that’s more psychedelic. That’s not to say it doesn’t let loose though, as well as the laid back groove there’s also a big open space left for tremendous walls of guitars to come through, producing this sweet contrast of big distortion against the pained plucks of the guitar strings. It’s superb.
All in all Eponymous is a fantastic EP. Allusondrugs have produced something that’s heavy, catchy, intense and varied enough to keep everybody on their toes. Definitely a strong contender for EP of the year for sure. Incredible. For more music reviews, free downloads and hiiii Clue Records! Check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

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