The Pictish Trail – Long In The Tooth | Track Review

When: 18/08/2014
Where: Lost Maps Records
Like/Love: LIKE
Last month Moshi Moshi released the new album from Johnny Lynch’s new project The Pictish Trail Secret Soundz and it received quite a bit of praise, in particular being called “genre-defying” which is rather nice. Anyway, Long In The Tooth will be the next single released from Secret Soundz, and while it won’t be released until next month, it does give me the chance to say that this will be Long In The Wait.
Long In The Tooth is a wonderful little number full of upbeat instruments that do their best to cheer me up on a day like today. The acoustic guitar continuously strums some light heartedness while the percussion keeps up it’s cheeriness while the vocals sound so warm and happy to be alive that it makes me want to climb on inside the airwaves and give the entire track one big happy hug. It’s undeniably catchy, and infectious enough to give you something like a smile in the genitalia rather than warts. If it did give you warts, they would be smiling too.
Stream Long In The Tooth below, and for more music reviews, free downloads and I really need to stop writing, check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.
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