Terminal Gods – Cold Life | Track Review

When: 14/07/2014
Where: Heavy Leather Records
Like/Love: LIKE
Since 2011, Terminal Gods have sold out an EP and two 7” singles and continue to receive a rapidly-increasing fanbase. Thanks to a heavy focus on promoting all things vinyl and constantly putting on live music and club nights around North London it seems Terminal Gods are actually a pretty cool band, and this first impression is definitely cemented by the release of their brand new single Cold Life.
Cold Life is a huge, anthemic listen full of ridiculously heavy drum beats and sweet guitar riffs that even give a pasty white guy like me a sense of swagger. This track is full of confidence, and with that confidence it throws out all kinds of vocal/instrumental hooks that stick into the listener’s face like the shiniest hook in all the land. It’s awesome. Terminal Gods maintain their explosiveness throughout, and it makes for a listen that gets you pumped up and ready to freaking kick the head off people you don’t like or something. It’s fantastic.
Check out the video to Cold Lifebelow, look out for it’s release on July 14th, and for more music reviews, free downloads and a kiss on the mouth check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.
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