Invasions – No Darkness | EP Review

When: 11/06/2014
Like/Love: LIKE
Hey it’s Invasions. The last time they came with material was when Elusive Little Comments was still around and the song in question, Rosy, made it onto our best tracks of 2013 list. This time the band from Toronto, Canada return with a new EP! No Darkness is three tracks of the western-y goodness I hailed on Rosy.
No Darkness kicks things off with a badass sounding horn section and repeated riff that makes everything sound like we’re back in the west again. Any minute now Clint Eastwood’s going to come along and comment on how good this song is. It’s anthemic, with big guitars, big drums, big vocals and big horns to result in a song that is just BIG with all flavours of goodness. What a way to kick off an EP.
Black Lagoon winds the anthemic atmosphere down just a tad to instead deliver us with a guitar riff that meanders it’s way through like a snake in the sand. Once again Invasions delivers as this song does not ease up on the volume; the guitars sound as loud as the peak of No Darkness and it’s just one hell of a catchy listen.
The EP closes with Unknown Pleasures which rounds up everything we’ve heard so far and creates one final catchy listen for us to sink our teeth into. No Darkness has proved that Invasions are a godsend for fans of the spaghetti western trilogy, and that they are also pretty darn good at making music too. John Marston would be proud. Stream No Darkness EP below, and for more music reviews, free downloads and hot pics check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

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