Kairos – Kairos | EP Review

When: 11/08/2014
Where: Fin Records
Like/Love: LIKE
In the month of August Kairos will be looking to make an immediate impact with the release of their debut self titled EP. This band have collected six tracks together which should give them a good first impression as they are known to combine a sweet beach rock sound with rainy-day lyricism, I don’t think I could ever say goodbye.
This beach sound makes for the perfect introduction as Casanova slides it’s way into the airwaves and seduces the eardrums with it’s hazily strummed guitars and in-control drumbeat. The song sounds so assured in itself, and sometimes it lets loose with mild bursts of character before retreating back into it’s routine. It’s a great song, and that guitar melody has me hooked.
Second track Sister reveals a dancefloor on the beach as Kairos uses their instruments to create an instrumental that is funky as hell. It’s great. The drum beat snaps into action and gets the hips moving while the guitars quietly contribute a nice layer of jazzy chords to keep everything grooving, but the main force in getting the dancemoves down are the vocals. The vocals slip into the music and adds a bit of direction to the track, giving it the momentum to keep moving forward. Fantastic track.
Cold Habits allows the drums to let loose and deliver what sounds like 500 different beats at once to create one of the more textured cuts on Kairos, while in turn also being one of the more laidback listens too. November on the other hand heads into more of a ballad-type situation with some heavy focus on guitar melodies and riffs, before exploding in a big way as if the beach just received a cannonball to the heart.
Kairos is a superb debut in any situation. All six songs featured are entertaining in their own way and they all hold up pretty well against one another. Kairos have certainly given themselves a great shot at becoming a pretty big deal for the second half of the year. For more music reviews, free downloads and if you need help removing sand from the places you never thought could get sand in them check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

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