Michael Flynn – Holy Ghost | Track Review

When: Face In The Cloud – 15/07/2014
Where: Hearts & Plugs
Like/Love: LOVE
Oh holy moly this is sexy. Holy Ghost is the latest single from singer-songwriter Michael Flynn, who for the last decade was one half of indie pop band Show Runner. The band released four albums, an EP and several singles, and now it seems 2014 will be the first time Michael enters the music biz as a solo artist. Face In The Cloud will be his upcoming debut album, which I am more than excited for after checking out this single.
Holy Ghost is a dark, brooding little number with some eery vocal delivery and creeping synth beats that definitely penetrate into the hips. The song excels at bringing a certain kind of lustful energy to the airwaves, and it’s not difficult to get wrapped in it once Michael’s awesome falsetto and percussion kicks in. This is the perfect song to strut over to your partner and sink into them to become one beautiful combination of human touch and emotion, and that is something I can get down with all the time.
This is easily a project to get excited by and I cannot wait to suppress my boner in anticipation for Face In The Cloud. Stream Holy Ghost below and look out for the debut album on July 15th, via Hearts & Plugs (Hi Hearts & Plugs!). For more music reviews, free downloads and a hot and sticky one night stand check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

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