PERDU – VOL 1 | EP Review

When: 30/05/2014
Where: PERDU
Like/Love: WHAT
Ahh PERDU. Such a wonderfully weird record label. For those unaware of it, PERDU is an independent record label that resides in the deep, deep underground of Canada, and as Canada continues to grow a music industry responsible for all kinds of music. The likes of PERDU and Out Of Sound Records have become home to some of the strangest, grittiest music possible. The biggest musical project to come from this scene is WTCHS, who with their brand of disgustingly good lo-fi music have spearheaded right into my brain and allowed many, many more bands of the same nature to creep on inside. I think I’m losing my mind, but it’s pretty damn good.
PERDU Vol 1 is the label’s first compilation and features five songs from five different, previously unheard bands, one of which (Gasoline Gathers Hands, Gathers Friends!)features a member of WTCHS oddly enough. Eschaton open this tape with their song Pasteurise, which I believe my brain has turned into, which is a sombre, dark tune complete with stark piano chords and haunting horn sections to create a pretty eery introduction into something that will be impossible to predict.
Gasoline Gathers Hands, Gathers Friends! Provide more of the same which is surprising as usually PERDU showcase bands who like to throw a bit of volume in their music. Over You Over Me is another slow, brooding listen with creepy sounds plinky and plankying here there and everywhere, with vocals hazily swirling over my eardrums as if they’re about to pull the cord. GlassEYElashes win the accolade of creepiest song I’ve ever witnessed as their acapella Vie Var Quarter Tone And -1 Yah is nothing but a collection of female voices coming together to freak me the fuck out.
Albert James does a good job returning instruments to the compilation with another subtle, atmospheric number before Vol 1 finally delivers with an earbleeding closer in Reverse Hooker’s Spock. A heavily distorted, disjointed song with screeching vocals that makes me question why I just listened to what I just listened to. I’m gonna have nightmares, but once again PERDU leave another strong impression. Stream Vol 1 below, and for music reviews, free downloads and another case of eardrums and sanity, check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.


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