Leon Of Athens – Global | Album Review

When: 30/06/2014
Where: Mimosa’s Dream Records
Like/Love: LIKE
Hey, it’s finally out! The debut album from Greek singer-songwriter Leon Veremis is the first piece of material to come out globally, and oddly enough, it’s called Global.We have featured both singles that have come out prior to the release of the album and we enjoyed them quite a lot. Globaland Baby Asteroid were both tracks that showed off a very cultured sound, using many different styles and sounds to create a sound that is unlike no other and pretty entertaining too, definitely leaving us hyped for the record.
We liked Baby Asteroid out of the two purely because it’s a song that throws everything into the pop genre and comes out sweeter than sugar wrapped in sugar. The light hearted distorted guitar riffs brings us back to a time where the sun shone brighter than the rings around my eyes, and the additions of synths and other out-of-world noises helped keep the track firmly grounded under the Leon Of Athens umbrella. It’s easily one of the standout tracks on Global, and does set up what is hopefully going to be a rather easy-going listen.
Awake II follows on from Baby Asteroid and continues the trend by performing an instrumental that is equally cute and sweet and lovely. It’s off-beat, jagged riff sounds like something that could be synced with a bunny rabbit taking it’s first steps or something, it’s adorable. Once again Leon Of Athens creates a track that is incredibly easy to fall in love with, and packs it with a couple punches to throw out before it’s close to give off yet another solid effort on Global.
Global is an album which contains a couple solid tracks and many strong moments throughout but it’s a pretty difficult album to really get stuck into. Leon Of Athens does a great job when he’s fully in his element producing great pop songs, but when it comes to creating something that focuses more on emotion rather than hooks, the album begins to struggle a little. It’s unclear whether it’s the lyricism being unable to convey the right emotion that needs to be projected or whether the instrumentation is too similar to the more upbeat material, but there’s something about it that makes Global a little difficult to listen to all the way through. A track such as Pilot lacks in personality because the amount of strange synth noises kinda muddle up the rest of the instrumental, and the vocal hook takes over the majority of the airtime to become nearly unbearable by the end.
It is a shame but it does show that there is potential found everywhere on this album. Leon Of Athens does deliver with most of the tracks on Global being sweet, acoustic numbers that show a much more matured side to pop music. Baby Asteroid and Leaving Home in particular stand out to us as the best of the bunch, but there are a couple duds amongst the potential which sadly fall victim to bad instrumentation. However, Global is still an entertaining record and one that definitely warrants you to check it out. Check out the video to Baby Asteroid below, and Global is out TODAY via Mimosa’s Dream Records. For more music reviews, free downloads and take me awaayyyyyy check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

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