Batsch – Collar | EP Review

When: 14/07/2014
Where: Tin Angel Records
Like/Love: LIKE
Batsch is a quartet from the Midlands here in the UK and this is their upcoming EP Collar. These guys dabble in a bit of disco pop and their sound has been known to combine the classic elements of disco and funk with the modern day accessibility of today’s indie and pop genres. So expect to hear a lot of basslines, synths and just a hint of cheese.
Opening track Celina gives the listener an intro that could have come from the likes of Sylvester or KC & The Sunshine Band with it’s quick witted bassline and casually dancing drum beat. Batsch introduce sunny piano chords and subtle guitar melodies into the mix to add a touch of indie to the track, and the end result is a listen that’s not only funky but rather ambitious too. Fulfilling it’s duty in both genres.
Did You Hear About Argine? Heads into a deeper, darker sound as Batsch give themselves a chance to let their indie side lay down a foundation composed of a continuous bass note and a slacked drum beat, while allowing the disco sounds to contribute here and there with little beats. The guitar is more prodominately featured as we get to hear chords as well as riffs performed and once again the band have produced a tune that is very well crafted and entertaining.
Closing track Can’t Tell is a drawn out dance number of epic proportions as Batsch let loose with numerous synth beats and basslines aplenty to give Collar one final hurrah. There’s cheeky indie guitar riffs thrown in too and quirky electronic sections added just to make this last song sound as off-kilter as possible and wow, it’s pretty darn good. Collar EP is a very interesting, good EP and one which will definitely receive quite a bit of airplay from me over the next few months.
Collar EP will be released on July 14thvia Tin Angel Records. Stream the track Celina below, and for more music reviews, free downloads and a dabbing of love on your nose check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.


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