White Lung – Deep Fantasy | Album Review

When: 17/06/2014
Where: Domino
Like/Love: LOVE
Deep Fantasy is the third studio album from punk-outfit White Lung, and it is definitely worthy of all the praise it has received since it’s release last week. One thing that’s rather annoying about all of the pieces that have praised the record is how many times they mention how “White Lung don’t sound like Hole” or any other female fronted punk band from the last few decades. It shouldn’t matter what they do and don’t sound like, all it does sound is fucking awesome.
What makes White Lung’s sound so evolved and energetic is each of the members’ talent. Frontwoman Mish Way’s vocals are thrown out into the air from lungs full of passion which is a great starting point. The drums from Anne-Mariw Vassiliou have a great ability to constantly press against my skull which is strangely enjoyable, and guitarist Kenneth William brings a lot of metal and punk to his guitar riffs, often expanding Deep Fantasy‘s instrumentals with shredded metal sections and melodies that sound almost out of place. It’s a combination of elements that bring together a level of energy of personality that makes White Lung stand out from the rest.
Opening track Drown With The Monster does a great job of building up tension and momentum with some steadily increasing guitars and drums gathering all kinds of ki before exploding into what becomes the normal tempo for the record. Mish Way’s vocals sound like they’re being directed right into your face and as whole it’s just one menacing listen. This introductory track is punchy, full of hooks and great riffs that blur the lines between punk and metal. It’s awesome.
Face Down sees Kenneth William stick primarily to delivering melodies as he packs many, many lead licks into two minutes against a constant drum beat that slowly but surely drives the listener past the point of sanity. The vocals are a little less howling but still do a great job at directing everything into it’s close. There’s a great section where the vocals link up with punches of guitar and drums before White Lung nigh on self destruct with following track I Believe You. It’s one of the shortest tracks on the album but it is one hell of a good tune. There’s hooks within hooks, and I’ve been snagged hard.
22 Minutes later and after being blasted in the face with the likes of Sycophant and Lucky One the album is over and suddenly White Lung have left one very big impression on you. Deep Fantasyis one entertaining, fiery fuckfest of an album, and easily one of the most self assured and cohesive records of the year. For more music reviews, free downloads and there were so many shots to the face, check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

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