Grace Joyner – Young Fools | EP Review

When: 13/05/2014
Where: Hearts & Plugs
Like/Love: LOVE
Ahh, it’s good to be hearing something new from Hearts & Plugs. We’ve made many connections over the last 6 months as Exploding Head Syndrome, and Hearts & Plugs have remained one of our favourites even before EHS was created. It might be long overdue but today we’re talking about the debut EP from singer-songwriter Grace Joyner, Young Fools. Grace has popped up in other H&P acts before, having sang harmonies for the likes of Brave Baby and Elim Bolt, but now it seems she’s going to add her warm, acoustic sound to the sunniest record label around.
All I can say about this EP is how engaging it is. Each of the six songs included inside are beautifully produced, wonderfully crafted listens with great production and wow, I think I’ve spoiled the rest of this review. I need to keep it unbiased right now, uhh….it’s probably shit. (It’s not).
Opening track Other Girls is a piano-driven track with additional flutters of noise going on in the background, while a subtle but stark drum plays a continuous beat to create a pretty lovely sounding instrumental. The real highlight is the vocals, as Grace’s voice is an absolute joy to hear. I could listen to it all day, all night, and possibly while I’m asleep too. She adds a couple vocal hooks into her performance to keep things poppy but honestly it’s the easiest thing getting into this track, and it’s just a wonderful way to start off the EP.
Things head into a disco direction as Holy delivers some high speed disco hi-hats and synths that don’t quit to definitely bring a surprise to the halfway point of Young Fools. This track is explosive, extremely catchy and easily one of the standouts of the EP. What’s also great is how the song fits in with the other material. It’s higher tempo and dance influence somehow seems to fit right in without causing too much of a stir. It’s fantastic.
Love Of Mine incorporates the electronic elements with a clap beat added to the traditionally acoustic sounds from Other Girls and Be Good to form a sense of progression for the EP. Which is great. Once again Grace’s vocals steal the show but the instrumental also does a great job of hitting me right in the face and bowling me over.
Young Fools EP is a sensational record and definitely one of the best debuts this year. Grace Joyner doesn’t enter the music business as a rookie with potential, she enters as this fully fledged musician with a distinct sound and a confidence about her that assures listeners that she’s going to be around a long time. Her voice is fantastic, the sound is fantastic, everything is just fantastic. Definitely one of the best EPs of the year. For more music reviews, free downloads and ohhhh my check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.


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