The Coppertone – The Bakery | EP Review

When: 26/05/2014
Like/Love: LOVE
This is pretty badass. The Bakeryis the new EP from singer-songwriter The Coppertone, and the first set of new material to come from the bluesy lady in two years of silence. Red (The Coppertone) split from her record label and started from the ground up, and while the context makes for a heartwarming story, the result is four songs that evoke all kinds of passionate energy to create something that is really freaking good.
Woman To Womanopens the EP with a watery guitar riff and a distorted drum beat that sounds like some gritty, old school blues which creates something with some serious groove to it. The dark, broody instrumentation sets down the perfect foundation for The Coppertone’s vocals, which sound fantastic and confident about delivering something good into your face. There’s all kinds of backing vocals and guitar riffs and huge guitar solos that firmly cap off The Coppertone’s return to the scene in a big, big way. Excellent song.
Our personal highlight has to be Young Blood. The second track on The Bakery uses the drums to channel a sound that could knock down obstacles and bolster your spirit as you strive to become a glorious phoenix for the entire world to see. It’s here that you begin to fall in love with The Coppertone, I have a little crush possibly. I’m not saying, I’m shy. The chorus on this track definitely shows off the passion and motivation that The Coppertone has been showing on her big return from rock bottom, and it’s just really, really good.
The Bakery is an EP that soundtracks everything The Coppertone has experienced over the last two years. It’s four songs of pure emotion, with fantastic vocal performances and instrumentations that hit harder than a punch from Hulk Hogan’s 24 Inch Pythons Brother. While it is a little on the short side the material we’re given certainly makes up for it’s brevity. Stream The Bakery below, and celebrate one of the best EPs of the year by purchasing it at how ever much you want to purchase it, awesome. For more music reviews, free downloads and I LOVE YOU check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

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