Gnarwhalz – Foggy Gentlemen | Album Review

When: 17/05/2014
Where: Poncho Records
Like/Love: LIKE
Right now I’m sat at my desk occaisonally looking at my window and trying to peer at the sunlight that breaks through my blackout curtains. I’m drinking water like a motherfucker and I feel absolutely wrecked right now. My obvious cool disposition is being soundtracked by Foggy Gentlemen, the debut album from Canadian quintet Gnarwhalz. These guys have self-produced a short album that definitely showcases bromance at it’s best. It’s a rather moving listening experience really.
Opening epic Beast Coast is nearly seven minutes of collaboration and contribution from all five members of the band. The music is distorted, laid back and continuously chill while everybody pipes in a vocal take to create the first ever group introduction. The vocals lean a little more towards drinking with the lads rather than technical masterpiece but there’s passion, there’s excitement and there’s a charm to it that makes it easy to forget about everything and just enjoy the moment, all six minutes and forty-eight seconds of it.
Heading East is a wonderful laid back track with an instrumentation that kicks back and eases itself into the spotlight. It’s instantly engaging and is easily a great song to play during the summer, especially around friends and with alcohol involved too. Gnarwhalz do a great job of adding additional melodies and backing vocals and whatnot without disrupting the flow of the track, and it definitely becomes one of the standout tracks of Foggy Gentlemen.
Pleasantly Surprised has a certain Franz Ferdinand swagger to it with it’s natural rhythm and swing that the Scottish band always seem to bring to their sound. The easy-going instrumentation makes for some easy listening and the vocals once again bring forth the all-together-in-numbers vibe that rings throughout this record. It’s another track that leaves you pleasantly surprised. Sorry.
The album hits it’s peak with Mrs. Beauville which sees Gnarwhalz tackle the subject of love, or rather, lust as lyrics about dresses being on the floor and the main hook of “you look so good with your clothes off” which is sure to get any lady rather hot and bothered. Aside from the lust-heavy, lad-driven lines there are touches of lyrics that actually sound rather sweet, and with the group-vocals it sounds like a bunch of schoolkids have gathered round to help out their one friend who wishes to make somebody his girlfriend. It’s beautiful.
All in all Foggy Gentlemen is an album that doesn’t want to be taken seriously and definitely excels at delivering a sound that is simply fun to hear. There’s some good songs sprinkled throughout and yeah, it’s just nice really. Stream the album below, and for music reviews, free downloads and I’m so glad I got a drinking with the lads reference in there check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

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