Saint Agnes – Old Bone Rattle | Track Review

When: 10/06/2014
Where: Energy Snake Records
Like/Love: LOVE
Ohhhhhhh my. This is pretty sexy. Saint Agnes is a duo from London and this is their new single Old Bone Rattle. These two play a kind of blues rock that is full of energy and swing that definitely gets my hips shaking. Shaking to the point of taking flight somehow.
Beginning with an uptempo guitar riff and catchy drum beat, Old Bone Rattle is a song that constantly takes the listener on a energetic ride by travelling as fast as it can to find new riffs and even pick up solos and synths as wanted hitchhikers along the way too. This track is raw, the vocals are passionate and the aforementioned guitar solo is how I want my orgasms to sound.
B-side Roadhouse Blues is a dark, groovy listen that definitely pays homage to the original from The Doors. The light acoustic guitar alongside the various licks from the harmonica definitely makes this a song not to be embarrassed to be hard over. It’s awesome. Both tracks have got me excited to hear more from Saint Agnes for sure.
Stream Old Bone Rattle below, and for more music reviews, free downloads and a little tip of the hat check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

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