Tree Dwellers – Come Up And See | Track Review

When: 30/05/2014
Where: Melted ONE
Like/Love: LOVE
This is pretty cool. Father and son duo Tree Dwellers along with many other artists have collaborated to create the Melted ONE compilation. An album full of many different songs from various talented artists to help aid the #greatmusicforabettercause movement. People all over the world are heavily influenced by music, and this is a wonderful example of music giving back. The money gathered from this compilation will go towards Macmillan and The Teenage Cancer Trust, which is awesome.
Come Up And See is the track from Tree Dwellers and it is certainly different. It’s a jam of various instruments ranging from drums to bass to strings to tribal drums to spoken word and the result is something that is funky, infectious and unbelievably good. The instrumentation is never predictable even on the 5000thlisten and it is honestly one of the most straight up catchy songs I’ve heard all year.
Stream Come Up And See below, and definitely purchase Melted ONE as it’s for a good cause. You can check it out and buy it from iTunes, and with your money you’ll be helping out and also get 20 great tracks out of it too. Pretty sweet deal. For more music reviews, free downloads and a touch of love check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.


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