Liu Bei – Infatuation | Track Review

When: 07/07/2014
Where: ParadYse/Transgressive Records
Like/Love: LIKE
Liu Bei is a project started after years of being a solo singer songwriter became a little too stale for a man named Richard, and recruited a band of people to form together to create something named after a Chinese warlord who was over eight feet tall. That’s awesome. Infatuation is the debut single to come from Liu Bei, and while it’ll take just under a month for you to purchase it, you can stream it. Which is rather nice.
Infatuation is a vast, expansive listen with all kinds of shimmering vocal harmonies and synths utilised to create an immense atmospheric sound. The vocals sound just as echo-y and anthemic as the instrumental, and the “You’re in my heart/You’re in my lungs/You’re in my head…” is one hell of a stonking hook. It’s simple lyrics that could come from anybody singing about being in love, but Liu Bei capture it properly. Even going as far to admit that the aforementioned infatuation is a mindfuck.
It’s hard to dislike this track as it does nothing to really offend and doesn’t do anything wrong. It’s just singing about love, and singing about it in a big freaking way. It’s a lovely sounding tune that will certainly help Liu Bei set a strong first impression for the audience. Stream Infatuation below, and for more music reviews, free downloads and you’re in my head, I love you. Check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

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