Concord America – Suns Out Guns Out | EP Review

When: 27/05/2014
Where: Post Echo
Like/Love: LIKE
Last week we checked out Australian garage rock trio Concord America’s lead single So Gay and while the title and vocal hook of the track could offend a few people it was a very good listen full of volume and guitars going apeshit. We’ve been given a taste of the EP Suns Out Guns Out, and after seeing 22 Jump Street the other day, it only makes sense to check it out now while we’re at full suns out guns out hype.
Howlin’ At The Moon immediately gives us our fix of full blast garage rock as it throws all kinds of riffs and noise at our eardrums at full tempo and it sounds GOOOOOOOD. The track has nice cameos of basslines and there is a slight rhythm found amongst the intensity to make it rather catchy instead of a bundle of energy. A great start to the EP.
Concord America do not hold up one bit, this is as if Suns Out Guns Out has actually brought guns to the beach and are just shooting at everybody around them. Anyone who gets shot are given a guitar riff for their troubles and the energy is something that heals the wounds faster than the speed of the explosive Crown Vic. It’s so intense, it’s so heavy, it’s so good.
Hippie Trash is a superb garage rock song that could have come straight from the likes of The Hives or The Vines back in their heyday, and the riff on that is not only equally as heavy as the others but it is also pretty darn accessible sounding too. Iced Out takes a slight breather and delivers an instrumentation that focuses on a simple rhythm instead of punching you in the face, it caresses your hips in the most jagged-y way possible. It’s awesome.
Suns Out Guns Out is a very good EP that will surely help Concord America get over with their crowd and attract a lot more people. If you’re looking for something that’s punchy, full of great guitar riffs and hooks that leave you mentally insane for the entire day. It’s awesome. For more music reviews, free downloads and bluhhh bluhh eberjbbhhbhbh check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

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