Champion Lover – Champion Lover | Album Review

When: 20/06/2014
Like/Love: LOVE
Freaking Canadians man. They’re always making music they makes me want to live out there and hope that they’ll take me in as of their own. This time it’s Champion Lover with their upcoming debut self titled album, and it is seriously good. The four piece play a kind of punk music that gives me blueballs, and for the first time ever, I don’t mind having them.
Read My Mind opens Champion Lover with a rolling beat and a deep groove that is perfect for setting up the record. It’s instantly engaging sound allows the band to sink the listener in before exploding some heavily distorted riffs that sound like they’re bursting through the amps. It’s awesome.
The lo-fi production definitely helps Champion Lover maintain a gritty, ballsy sound as the dirtiness behind it adds an extra touch of distortion to the mix. This in turn makes things even more distorted, thick and just straight up gnarly. Tracks such as Just Hollow and Bad Day are straight up punk rock JAMS because of this, and it’s here that you begin to realise that this album could be a serious contender for album of the year.
Could You Be Mine punches the listener in the face with an immediate pounding drum section and intense guitar riffs that sound freaking incredible. I didn’t think Champion Lover could go any harder but these guys smash through granite for this song. An excellent track, easily one of the highlights on the album.
The album also likes to head into darker territory as well as it’s generally catchy roads which gives it a nice amount of variety. Champion Lover aren’t afraid to add a bit of feedback or distortion to their songs which means any second could be home to a piece of ear bleeding feedback or a lead towards something that sounds freaking awesome.
Closing track Vacant Heart (Spring Break) is five minutes of Champion Lover saying goodbye by destroying your eardrums with all kinds of distorted guitar riffs and feedback that somehow produces it’s own rhythm, it’s insane. It’s a fantastic way to close out what has been one serious fucking listen. Everything about Champion Lover is top notch, and this could be the best punk record I’ve heard all year. Hell, it could be the best record I’ve heard all year.
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