Jon McKiel – Jon McKiel | EP Review

When: 03/06/2014
Where: Headless Owl Records
Like/Love: LIKE
Last month we checked out New Tracy, the lead single from singer songwriter Jon McKiel’s new self titled EP, and we really liked it. The lo-fi tune brought all kinds of summery goodness into the airwaves and it was just undeniably catchy, therefore making impossible to dislike. The Jon McKiel EP is something that definitely get into your head and have you at least 97% happier for the rest of the day, and that is lovely.
I Know, I Know is a sweet little number that emits nostalgic feelings of the summer holidays as a kid. It’s chugging percussion and nice little melody gives off the carefree attitude that came with being a kid and having six weeks off. It’s a very simple song but one that delivers a couple good hooks and does contribute another reason why you should check out the EP.
The surf rock sound that came through on New Tracy returns on Twin Speaks. The main riff on this track sounds like I’ve just been surfing and I’ve fallen over and landed in the most colourful ocean in the entire world. It’s jagged, off kilter but so very, very enjoyable. The hard kicks of distortion thrown in also make this a heavy jam of a track too. I LOVE THIS SONG.
Closing track Chop Through slows things down to deliver a mid-paced groove that does seep into the hips a little before it kicks things up with one final uppercut to the gonads courtesy of some heavy guitar riffs to bring Jon McKiel EP to one gutsy close. As expected, this EP is a very fun listen with some quality songs on here, and you would be stupid not to get into it. For more music reviews, free downloads and YESSSS SURF ROCK check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.


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