Arkells – Come To Light | Track Review

When: High Noon – 05/07/2014
Where: Universal Music Canada
Like/Love: LIKE
Since checking out the badass lyric video for Never Thought That This Would Happen, we have been dying to hear the next single to come Ontario’s Arkells. Come To Light is the new single, and it is keeping nicely satisfied and quietly impatient to hear the five piece’s third album High Noon. High Noon won’t be out until early August, so I guess Come To Light will have to do.
Come To Light is an empowering number about trudging through the darkness in order to reach the other side. It’s something that anybody can relate to, and while that could make things seem a little generic. Arkells do a great job of packing this song with all kinds of riffs and sounds from guitars and pianos as well as the odd one or two vocal hook to keep things sounding pretty charasmatic. It’s easily a feel good tune, and it’s got me feeling good indeed.
High Noon will be released on August 5th, and hopefully we’ll have another single out just before so we can remain mildly moist in anticipation. For more music reviews, free downloads and why on earth did I just say mildly moist, check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

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